Our social initiatives:

We at gowri nivas always believe that we are responsible for the environment we live in & are responsible to preserve & leave behind a better earth than we inherited. The wood used in the construction of gowri nivas is from fully matured trees, the felling procedures of which comply with the laws of the land. The wood has been extracted from trees on our estate, for every tree felled a new sapling has taken its place. The wood used for the boilers is "dead wood" which is got from regulating the shade under which coffee is grown.

We are proud to be actively involved in supporting a bee keeping project that has been pioneering the breeding of native bees that produce the famous coorg honey. Over time new breeds of bees that were genetically altered to produce more honey were introduced which resulted in native breeds being destroyed but this project has been successful in slowly but surely bringing back the native bees to create the much needed balance in the ecosystem. Our guests are more than welcome to visit the place and understand the finer arts of bee keeping.

Coorg is famous for its untouched nature & unique culture. Take a day trip trip to our estate laxmivana situated at the foot hills of Coorg's highest peak tadiyendamol. We will provide you with a detailed map to walk through an unexplored part of coorg, you will get to have a rare insight to life in Coorg which has not changed for generations and if you are lucky you might be able to buy fresh farm produce from them directly thus sustaining them .....